Yogi AdityaNath : The Future PM of India

Practically, it usually didn’t use to matter that who has won the elections in the state or who had been elected as the Chief Minister of that state. If we talk of UP, then we know that BSP used to rule before 2012. Their main vote bank used to be the dalits and the Muslims. In addition to that, Mayawati used to give tickets to Yadavs, Brahmins to secure their votes too. But this trick didn’t run for long. They faced numerous corruption charges. The result, they lost in 2012 elections.
So, in 2012, the SP govt. took over the BSP govt. But the question is, did anyone notice any change in the day to day life of the common people…?? “NO”. None of us observed any change in the day to day life. Moreover, the situation got even worse than before. They started doing “BIASED POLITICS”.  People started calling Mulayam Singh as “MULLA MULAYAM” and Akhilesh Yadav as “Akhilesh Bhaijaan”.  Muslims were everything for them. They forgot that there is a LITTLE population of Hindus also in Uttar Pradesh. He thought that all Hindus are Yadavs and got overconfident that all Yadavs will vote for him everytime. Every time a new college/university or some new institution gets opened in UP, he used to name it after some Muslim fellow. Mulayam used to say that “I have taken birth for Muslims and I will die for Muslims”. अरे मिया, हिन्दू कहाँ गए….?? क्या वे इंसान नहीं हैं…?? क्या उन्होंने आप लोगों को वोट नहीं दिया…??  यदि हाँ, तो आपकी उनके प्रति भी तो कुछ ज़िम्मेदारी बनती है. But No, they didn’t do anything for Hindus. They just remained busy in playing BIASED POLITICS. I personally think that every CM should treat all religion, all castes equally. No one should show favour to any particular religion to secure their vote bank.

Now, let us talk of the recent elections in UP. This time, I could clearly guess that SP will get a big defeat. BSP was never in the game, especially after the Lok Sabha results. So, anyone could guess that BJP is going to win this time in UP. But no one could expect that BJP will get such a huge success. Their score was 312/403. BJP had actually contested on 384 seats only. So, we can say that the score card of BJP was 312/384 and the score card of NDA was 325/403. So, we can see that its a really really huge success for BJP in UP. The next step comes to select the CM of the state. So, there were many names which were in race for the CM post. Some of those were Rajnath Singh, Keshav Prasad Maurya, Dinesh Sharma etc. Some people were also talking about Yogi Adityanath. But he was not leading in the race. The final name of the CM shocked everyone. This was Yogi Adityanath. I was feeling very happy when I came to know that he has been chosen for the CM post. Let us talk a little about him in the next para.

He is a man of great personality. He has won all the elections in which he has ever taken part. He had first contested for the LokSabha elections in 1998. This was the 12th LokSabha elections and he was the youngest member among all. A citizen of India becomes eligible to contest LokSabha elections at the age of 25. Yogi AdityaNath was just 26. You see that there are many prominent persons in India like Arun Jaitley(FM), Manmohan Singh(former FM, PM) etc., who have served as a Finance Minister (FM) and even as the Prime Minister of India but have never won any parliament election in their history. On the other side, Yogi AdityaNath has won all the Parliamentary elections in which he has ever contested in his lifetime. He was first elected as an MP in the 12th LokSabha of 1998, then in 1999, 2004, 2009 and the last in 2014 during Narendra Modi. He has continuously won 5 Lok Sabha elections. He has a great influence in Eastern UP. He also run his own organisation named Hindu Yuva Vahini. Its like Bajrang Dal. He had once revolted against BJP also. During the 2002 legislative assembly elections in UP, BJP was not fielding his favorite candidate against the Gorakhpur legislative assembly seat. He decided to field his favorite candidate under Hindu Mahasabha banner against BJP and all other parties on Gorakhpur seat. The result, his candidate won. The name of the candidate was Mohan Das Agarwal. He defeated the then Cabinet Minister Shiv Pratap Shukla by a huge margin. This is the power of Yogi Adityanath in Gorakhpur.